Simple Tips To Brand (or Rebrand) Yourself As A Job Seeker

As a job seeker or even if you are contemplating a career move, it is important to ensure your credentials and skills stand out to get you selected for an interview. This simply means your resume and cover letter is going to do all the talking for you to be chosen for a job interview.

In a competitive job market, the best way to achieve this goal is to perfect the art of branding or re-branding yourself to match the job you are looking to secure.

What’s in a brand?

Basically, your brand is simply “you”! On that note, it is important to ensure that all collateral which reflect your value as the perfect fit for the job is in order. Your resume and social media accounts have to be consistent with your career goals as well as an updated list of references.

Easy steps to follow to brand (or rebrand) yourself 1. Review and update your resume

The main and most important document which embodies a summary of all your achievements and skills is your resume. Take time to update crucial details about your work experience, accomplishments and other relevant skills suitable for the role and capable of convincing the recruiter/your prospective employer that you are a perfect fit.

Check out some useful tips in these articles on resume writing: 2. Establish or upgrade your social media presence to meet your career goals

Be mindful to keep online profiles on career sites such as LinkedIn as professional as possible and more importantly, consistent with information on your resume! Whether you are in a conventional field such as the legal profession or the publishing industry, it is advisable to have a professional head shot as your profile image.

3. Update your list of references

Update your list of references to match the job you are looking for. Always ask for permission to include an individual as your reference. Stay connected by providing them with a current copy of your resume and other details of the job and prospective employer.

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All it takes is simply three basic steps to get you started on the journey towards building a solid and consistent brand – drafting a good resume, good social media presence and a good referral!

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