How To Ensure Job-Readiness While In Lockdown

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives in many ways, this prolonged period of social distancing can be used productively to improve job prospects and become industry-relevant to meet the demands of employment post-lockdown.

Apart from staying motivated and focused, here are some valuable tips to increase your job-readiness while in lockdown.

1. Learn new skills and gain a competitive edge

There is no better time than now to learn new skills online or gain new qualifications relevant to the industry you want to break into. Improving your communication, writing and digital skills are crucial to help you stand out from other candidates in job interviews or even navigating the new norm of work.

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2. Update your resume

A well-written resume creates a good first impression on prospective employers. It is advisable to update your resume regularly to avoid missing out crucial details on the completion of projects and new skills or qualifications you have gained which increases your chances of getting hired.

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Managing your social media accounts wisely is crucial in today’s job market as employers use social media to research job candidates. Spring clean your social media accounts by removing any inappropriate photograph or information. Boosting your social media presence by posting items that display your skills and work experience is essential, too!

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As many companies go virtual to conduct job interviews, using your time wisely to prepare for online interviews and how to articulate yourself with confidence is a productive thing to do during the lockdown period.

Also read: How to Prepare For an Online Job Interview 5. Use technology wisely. Using technology to access career portals such as career, will help you navigate your career and course options to meet re-skilling and up-skilling demands of a competitive job market. The Learning Lab articles also provide a great way to research, study and understand crucial aspects for a successful career in various industries.   Make the most of your time during this lockdown period – learn new skills, reflect on your goals and make a career plan to thrive in the ‘new normal’.  
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